V A M U N 2020


MARCH 25, 2020 7:45-5 PM




Richard Thiele

Mr. Thiele is from San Diego, California. He has lived in many cities on the left coast of the US, including San Francisco and Seattle. 

After getting his Master’s in Education, his first teaching position was at the Oregon State Mental Hospital, famous from the award-winning book and movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” He was also the head administrator of the Salem Human Rights Commission during this period. 
With his wife Diana, he has lived and taught on five continents for the last 20 years. The countries have included Ecuador, The Dominican Republic, Morocco, Bulgaria, and now Mexico. 

He lives in Guadalajara and is beginning his 20th year without a car. He is a fierce advocate of bicycles and bicycle infrastructure. 
He has always been an activist, and has taught and worked for social justice and animal and environmental issues for over 50 years. Recently, he has focused these concerns by starting a podcast called: “The Green Elephant in the Room: Solutions to Restore the Health of the Planet”, and an associated webpage and social media outlets.



"VAMUN is much more than a Model UN. It represents and showcases the talent of the student community. It encourages students to look beyond themselves. It encourages them to work for a brighter future. It sparks a yearning for justice. VAMUN proves the importance of allowing students to look for solutions, to discuss all the possibilities, to fight for what they believe in. It inspires participants to think better, to do better, to be better. Those who participate should be proud of being part of this community. You have now become more than just successful students, but an important step towards justice and peace, towards a bright, democratic future that the following generations deserve."

- Sarah Sullivan, Secretary-General of VAMUN 2018


Nestor Cabral

Secretary General

Victor Lizarraga

Co - Secretary General

Premma Mehta

Public Relations

Sebastian Salgado

Financial Officer


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