V A M U N 2021


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MARCH 10, 2021


Cpt. Claude Nicollier

Claude Nicollier was selected in 1978 to be part of the first group of European Space Agency astronauts. This made him Switzerland’s first-ever astronaut. He joined Group 9 of NASA astronauts in 1980 for Space Shuttle training at the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, where he was stationed until September 2005. There, he received mission specialist training with other NASA astronaut candidates. He had various technical and service assignments throughout his years stationed at Houston. He was a crew member on four space shuttle flights with missions that ranged from servicing the Hubble Space Telescope to conducting microgravity experiments. During his final mission, he took a spacewalk, becoming the first-ever ESA astronaut to do so. In 2000, he became the head ESA astronaut in Houston and was a member of the Astronaut Office Extravehicular Activity Branch (spacewalk branch). He retired in 2007 from the ESA and soon after became a professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.


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VAMUN is much more than a Model UN. It represents and showcases the talent of the student community. It encourages students to look beyond themselves. It encourages them to work for a brighter future. It sparks a yearning for justice. VAMUN proves the importance of allowing students to look for solutions, to discuss all the possibilities, to fight for what they believe in. It inspires participants to think better, to do better, to be better. Those who participate should be proud of being part of this community. You have now become more than just successful students, but an important step towards justice and peace, towards a bright, democratic future that the following generations deserve.


Sarah Sullivan, Secretary General of VAMUN 2018