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Preventing Illicit Financial Gain from Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime


Victor Lizarraga


Martina Boga

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Purpose: To analyze reasons, treats and risks associated with the increment in drug and crime problems and find a solution to reduce the presence of these factors transnationally. 

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is the committee in charge of discussing topics related to drugs, organized crime, corruption, and terrorism. The purpose of this committee is to find government stability, social wellbeing, justice, and safety for all nations. 

Due to the importance of the critical issues discussed in this committee, a practical, respectful debate that encourages delegates to defend their positions is recommended. The committee is based on the principles of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and on the 17 sustainable development goals. Therefore, it is required that every statement mentioned by the delegates is based and justified by law and the principles of justice that defend human rights and are essential for effective justice systems. The use of illicit drugs must also be taken into consideration as it is also an issue that affects our path for a sustainable future. 

The topic to be discussed in VAMUN 2020 is the prevention of illicit financial gain due to drug trafficking in organized crime: two matters that have been issues of international security. Organized crime and drug trafficking have been great producers of illicit money in comparison to other illegal activities. In these last two decades, the significance of these problems has increased by over 380% since they have led to the emergence of new business opportunities that produce a high amount of money. Several countries considered as the center of organized crime have unleashed the illegal market around the world, creating one of the largest criminal networks ever seen. Some prime examples of countries with the highest rates of arrests of criminal leaders that are in charge of this criminal web are Colombia, the United States of America, and Italy. Countries with a high crime rate and corruption are known for being the sponsors of the illegal activity. 

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